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Emory Considers LFO Art Program a Partner
Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High
Posted On: Friday, November 03, 2017
Two years ago, I attended a silkscreen workshop at Emory where docents, benefactors and teachers were in attendance. The day was a magically technical focus on African history and printmaking techniques. It turned into LFO being allowed to "check-out" the set of frames you see pictured here (our group's yearly field trip of almost a decade didn't hurt us any in the trust department either...)
We brought the screens to LFO and I replicated their program with my Art 1 students which featured the African artist Susanne Wenger's prints hanging in the Michael C. Carlos with interpretation of screens by ATL artist : Deborah Sosower. "Between the Sweet Water and Swarm of Bees" was the collection title.

We were thrilled to partner with such an elite school in 2016 where they let us take the screens on the bus after the students viewed the exhibition and even more so, today, having just found out that our participation and contribution in photo documentation helped Emory secure the continuation of a generous funding program for Arts Education through the Michael C. Carlos museum. An anonymous donor and the Clare Foundation support the majority of their programs. Our quote and photos are a part of their yearly report to these agencies. Can you imagine how it was hearing Alyson saying thank you to us? Ive always felt that we were the only side benefiting from that partnership.
Our principal recently asked us why we do what we do. Answering that question has always been easy for me...
We have been growing our program here at LFO in stages for 15 years. I have many wonderful boosters who are committing time to help us do this on a broader scale each year. I just wanted to share this example representing the depth of our commitment toward creating a solid aesthetic framework for our community so that graduation day isn't our only long-term goal.
A life of aesthetic understanding and accomplishment is vital, because even from the beginning of time, there have been artists. 

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