Value Promise

Denia Reese, Superintendent Value Promise

 Mrs. Reese Value Promise
Mrs. Reese Value Promise

As educational leader for Catoosa County Public Schools, I accept the responsibility of preparing children to be good citizens and leaders in the future.  I recognize that to accomplish this task, I have a responsibility to a number of stakeholders who include students and parents, teachers and employees, business partners and the community.

For parents and the students who attend Catoosa County Public Schools, I promise a world-class education.  I promise that students will have a safe learning environment and that all activities will be student-focused.  I promise each class will have a highly qualified teacher, research-based materials, and current technology.  I promise parents that we will be partners.  I promise that we expect each child to succeed, that we will treat each child individually, and that we will communicate regularly.  I promise that by working together, every student who graduates from Catoosa County Public Schools will be prepared for college, technical school, or a career.

I promise teachers and employees that I have a plan to achieve the vision of a world-class education for the families of Catoosa County.  I promise that I will have courage in decision-making, and that I will provide direction to achieve this vision.  I promise that I will communicate with employees regularly, that I will be visible in our schools, and I will be accessible to employees.  I promise to provide tools and learning opportunities so each employee will be equipped for the duty of educating our children.  I promise that I will challenge, encourage, and motivate employees to reach their individual potential.  I recognize that each employee's contribution is vital to the success of our school system, and I promise to create a working environment where every employee feels valued.  Most importantly, I promise the employees of Catoosa County Public Schools that I will be a leader of character who is guided by integrity.

I promise the businesses and citizens of Catoosa County that our schools will accept the responsibility of developing our community's most valuable resource - our children.  I promise to set a course for Catoosa County Public Schools to provide excellence in education and that our schools a nationally recognized learning community whose graduates are prepared for tomorrow's challenges.  I promise to communicate our mission, to provide data for you to evaluate our progress, and to listen to your opinions and concerns.  I promise that Catoosa County schools will be data-driven in making decisions and that our employees will be compassionate with the children you entrust to us.  I believe that our children deserve a world-class education, and that our community deserves young adults who are good citizens and capable leaders.  As educational leader for Catoosa County Public Schools I promise that all my decisions and actions will be guided by this belief.


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