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Laura Kirk Catoosa County Teacher of the Year

Laura Kirk, Principal Mike Sholl, and Superintendent Denia Reese
Laura Kirk, Principal Mike Sholl, and Superintendent Denia Reese
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Ringgold Middle School’s Laura Kirk is named Catoosa County Teacher of the Year


When Principal Mike Sholl asked Laura Kirk to come to the media center to appear on the morning news, she had no idea Superintendent Denia Reese was going to be waiting for her. She was shocked when Superintendent Reese announced that Mrs. Kirk had been selected as Catoosa Public Schools Teacher of the Year.


Mrs. Reese said, “After reading Mrs. Kirk’s application, I wanted to go to RMS and experience her class. You can tell that she has a passion for student achievement, and it sounds like she makes learning exciting. The committee was especially impressed that she understands that one teacher can change a child’s life. She is an excellent example of a teacher who is living up to our value promise: Every child, every day, without exception!”


Mrs. Kirk has been teaching at Ringgold Middle School for 20 years. According to Principal Mike Sholl, “Mrs. Kirk is a gifted teacher. Her talents and knowledge combined with her creativity qualify her to be a model teacher. Her lessons are always creative, engaging, and center around higher order thinking skills.”


Mrs. Kirk’s application will be submitted to the Department of Education to be considered for the 2016 Georgia Teacher of the Year honor. Superintendent Reese said, “I am very proud to submit Laura Kirk’s application to the state. She deserves to be selected as the best teacher in Georgia. I hope she is chosen so she can share her message with others.”





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