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Mr. Nix

When I reflect back on my life and think of the people who contributed most to molding me into who I am today, several teachers are at the top of that list. I think this is probably true for most of you as well. There is a reason for that. Teachers make a difference in the lives of kids.

Teachers change the world; One life at a time. Day after day, they walk into a room filled with young people and help shape them into the adults they will one day become. Of course they instruct students in reading, math, science, and history, but they also teach lessons that can’t be measured by a test or quantified by data. They teach us to get along with others, to play in the sand box, to share, and to listen. They model empathy, kindness, love, and respect. They often serve in other capacities too, whenever a need arises: a nurse, a counselor, a mentor, an advocate, a friend. They celebrate our childrens’ successes, provide words of encouragement and a hug on days when they experience failure, and move mountains to meet their needs. Our community would be a darker place without the light our teachers provide. I am proud to report that both my wife and daughter are teachers. I often tell people I love teachers so much I married one!

I am extremely privileged to have a front row seat to witness the difference these professionals make on a daily basis. Catoosa County teachers go above and beyond to partner with parents and guide our children to become the best version of themselves. I tell our CCPS community, there are two kinds of people who work in our system: teachers and those that support them. The classroom is where the magic happens!

As you watch the 2022 Catoosa County Teacher of the Year video below, you will have a small glimpse of what I see in our classrooms every day. I could not be more proud of these wonderful teachers who have been recognized for excellence at the school level. They are true heroes!

Please join me in celebrating these nominees for Teacher of the Year, and in saying THANK YOU to the hundreds of educators throughout our district who make a difference in the lives of our children each and every day!

Please click here to watch the video.

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Catoosa County Public Schools will prepare every child to reach their full potential, so they graduate prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

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Catoosa County Public Schools is a student-focused learning community, where excellence is expected from staff and students, every day, without exception.

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