Expectations for CCPS Technology Equipment

Expectations for CCPS Technology Equipment

1. All technology devices issued to CCPS staff members are to be utilized to support all school-related activities. The equipment is expected to accompany the staff member to school every day that school is in session. The equipment is for the sole use of staff members and students only, and not for use by family members or any other person. No CCPS staff member will share usernames and/or passwords with persons not holding an administrative position with the Catoosa County School District.

2. The staff member is responsible for the safety and security of the device at all times. This applies to both on and off school grounds. If the electronic/computer device is lost or stolen the staff member should immediately report any damage or loss of the device to an administrator.

3. Staff members must understand that the assigned electronic device is the property of Catoosa County Public Schools and will be managed by the Technology Department staff. If the staff member should resign from or leave the district or the administration determines that the equipment is no longer necessary to the staff member's position, the equipment will be returned to the CCPS Technology Department school technology specialist or inventory administrator.

4. No modifications may be made to the operating system of the equipment. Any computer software must be installed by the CCPS Technology Department. Apps may be installed on system devices per the Purchasing Apps Procedure. To protect copyright laws no district owned software may be copied from the portable computer/electronic device and placed on any other equipment.

6. The assigned portable computer/electronic device will need periodic upgrades and/or repairs. Staff members must make the assigned equipment available to Technology Department staff at the requested time for upgrades and repairs.

7. Employees should ensure that all content on the electronic/computer device is educationally appropriate. All of the content housed on the portable computer/electronic device are the property of Catoosa County Public Schools and may be accessed by the Technology Department or School District Administrator at any time. In the event of an investigation, litigation freeze or other circumstance an employee may be notified to not delete or alter any content on such device and/or turn over possession of the device to an administrator. In such event, employees are prohibited from making any deletions or modifications to the device. Failure to comply with the provisions of the CCPS Expectations for Technology Equipment may be considered insubordination.