My Stop

"My Stop" for CCPS Students and Parents

Never Wonder about Your Bus Schedule Again!

The Catoosa County School District now provides a web based app that allows our stakeholders and students to use their computer or smartphone to view the current location of their assigned school bus and its current “live” route status. The application is called “My Stop” and it is provided free of charge by the school system. It will operate on any computer, Apple iOS mobile device, or Android™ mobile device.

What information does “My Stop” provide?

● Allows parents and students to immediately view their scheduled bus location, bus stop and projected arrival time while the bus is in route.
● Graphically displays the current morning or afternoon location of their scheduled bus on a Bing road map utilizing actual “live” real-time GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) information sent directly from the bus.
● The data updates approximately every 5 seconds as the bus is traveling along its route. This process adjusts the scheduled arrival time, keeping it as current as possible.

How will this information benefit me?

● Students and parents will know when they should begin traveling to their assigned bus stop location. This is a huge benefit when inclement weather is in the area.
● If a parent or student is running late, it will tell them if the bus has already passed their assigned stop.
● If a bus is delayed for any reason, parents and students can see the adjusted arrival time. This prevents extended wait times at the scheduled bus stop location.
● Working parents can take a quick look to see when their students will arrive at their bus stop location when returning from school in the afternoon.

How to use:

To download the app for a smartphone or tablet: Click on the icon below that represents your device, or go to your phone’s App Store and search “Versatrans My Stop”. Open the My Stop App and enter the username (Student ID/School Lunch Number) and password (Student ID/School Lunch Number).

To access from  a computer: Click on the web login link below. Once you see the login screen, enter the username (Student ID) and password (Student ID).

User Requirements:

● All users must be enrolled in a CCPS school and have a valid student ID number.
● All users must be eligible for bus service and student(s) must be registered as a bus rider(s). To confirm your student’s bus status please contact your school’s front office staff.
● All users must have an up to date address in the district’s student information system (Infinite Campus). If your current address in the system is incorrect, you will receive incorrect bus information. If you need to update your address, please contact your child’s school.

Important user tip:

As most of our buses perform multiple routes during any given day, your bus information is only available while your assigned bus is actually running the route the student is assigned to. For example, if your student is in middle or high school, you will not be able to access their “live” bus status if that bus is still engaged with its elementary school route. The user may have to wait a few minutes and then refresh the link. If the bus has completed the student’s assigned route, the app will simply notify you that the bus is no longer on your assigned route.

Bus Safety Tips:

The purpose of this technology is to provide an additional level of convenience for our students and parents, but the safety of our student’s still remains our priority, so please continue to maintain these key safety procedures:
● Always plan to arrive at your bus stop location a minimum of 10 minutes prior to its arrival time.
● If you arrive late, never attempt to chase or flag down your bus. It will not stop.
● If a student has missed their bus, they should never attempt to travel to another scheduled stop location. Parents should never follow a bus or attempt to drive their student to another stop location.
● If a student misses their bus, they should immediately return home and call their parent and school.