New Principal Academy

New Principal Academy

Purpose: The purpose of the New Principal Academy is to support, develop and retain school leaders who will achieve the vision and mission of Catoosa County Public Schools. Depending on their previous experience, principals come into the job with varying amounts of experience. This program offers support from the Leadership Development Coordinators as well as mentoring from strong veteran administrators.

Target Group: First and second year principals.

Time line: The number of meeting sessions will vary depending on the needs of the group. In addition, opportunities for meeting with mentors and attending leadership professional learning training will be included.

Curriculum: The Leadership Development Coordinator will meet with new principals to identify specific responsibilities for which they need support and training. The following are examples of these responsibilities, but the curriculum will be tailored to meet the needs of the group each year.

Transforming School Culture
Building Professional Learning Communities
Understanding School Law
Maximizing Teacher Allotment
Evaluating and Conferencing with Teachers
Managing Time
Developing a School Improvement Plan
Establishing Relationships with Integrity
Identifying and Building Teacher Leaders
Establishing a Vision
Becoming the instructional leader
Evaluating Academic Growth
Transitioning from Manager to Leader
Monitoring a School Budget