Let's Get CONNECTed

What is Let’s get CONNECTed ?

To meet the needs of today’s students, and the expectations of stakeholders based on our 2013 strategic plan survey, Catoosa County Public Schools committed to the Let’s get CONNECTed! Technology initiative. Through this initiative, every student in every Catoosa County school will have access to a Chromebook or an iPad, creating a 1:1 digital learning environment.

Our journey to a 1:1 digital learning environment.

Catoosa County Public Schools has been working toward a 1:1 for several years. The district’s investment in technology has focused primarily on updating classroom computers and computer labs, along with strengthening the system’s network. The district has worked steadily over the past two years to increase the number of wireless access points in classrooms, along with providing more bandwidth for all of our schools since technology has transitioned to a more mobile environment.

In the 2013-­2014 school year, the district piloted and then adopted a virtual learning high school program called the Catoosa Online Academy. The COA was recognized nationally in the spring of 2014 for its success and innovativeness. This successful venture demonstrated that our students are capable of learning at a high level using technology resources to enhance traditional classroom teaching methods.

In the 2014-­2015 school year, an instructional technology cohort committee was formed, and the district piloted digital classroom products for use in the 1:1 digital environment. The district and individual schools have been purchasing Chromebooks to use in classrooms for instruction and state testing. The use of Chromebooks has grown each year. The system is continuing to sponsor an instructional fair for all teachers which includes many sessions dedicated to the use of classroom instructional technology.

In March 2016, the community overwhelming voted to pass the ESPLOST V referendum which included the Let’s Get CONNECTed initiative. With ESPLOST pennies to fund the initiative, the district can successfully achieve the goal of a 1:1 digital learning environment for our students. Over the next year, the system will begin to place the devices in every school for every student. We are looking forward to this outstanding opportunity