Parent Mentor

Hello! My name is Rebekah Angle, and I am the Parent Mentor for Catoosa County Public Schools. 

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The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership was started in hopes that parents and professionals would work together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities by enhancing communication and collaboration between families, educators, and the community. Mentors are parents of children with exceptional needs, who are employed by their school district, funded in part under a GDOE grant.

Parent Mentors do many things such as:

  • Provide resources to help families navigate supports for their children.
  • Build connections for families in the community.
  • Concentrate on transition needs for students with disabilities.
  • Provide training sessions for Parents and Educators.
  • Collaborate with district personnel such as educators and Title I facilitators.
  • Listen to the concerns of families of students with disabilities.
  • Understanding and helping you prepare for the IEP process.
  • Communicating with Teachers, Case Managers, and Administrators.

And so much more....

As a parent with a child who has a Specific Learning Disability, it is my hope to help and encourage parents within our community, to build a bridge of communication between home and school that ultimately leads to greater success and better outcomes for students with exceptional needs, and to be a helping hand where needed. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, and I look forward to building lasting relationships within our community.

Email- [email protected]

Office- 706-965-4052 Ext. 103
Work Cell- 423-326-7569

picture of Rebekah and children