Superintendent's Update


Mr. Nix

I have discovered the BEST responsibility for the Superintendent - visiting every school and every classroom in our county. As soon as school started, I began my tours. I have been in the school system since 2006, but in those 16 years, I have never visited all the schools in the district. As a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and parent, I’ve been very engaged with every school where I played a role as a parent or employee. As Superintendent, I am engaged with all schools, and I’ve been overwhelmed with pride as I’ve visited every school and classroom in our district.

I am sharing a short video and pictures from my visits in this newsletter, and I want to thank parents, CCPS employees, and our community for expecting and supporting excellence in education in Catoosa County.

I want to thank every parent and the community for supporting ESPLOST since 1997.

     - We have some buildings that are over 50 years old! With ESPLOST pennies, even our oldest schools sparkle because we have ESPLOST funds to paint, replace ceilings and lighting, replace and resurface flooring, maintain and replace roofs and HVAC units, and update athletic facilities. We are also able to provide our students with state-of-the-art, new facilities, such as the College and Career Academy which will open next fall to serve all Catoosa County high school students.

     - We are an example in Georgia for safe schools. Our district prioritizes safety above all else, and we will continue to research and implement innovative practices to maximize our safety systems and procedures. Your continued support of ESPLOST has enhanced our ability to remain at the forefront of school safety. Our schools have many “layers” of security in place to protect our students and employees. We know that students must feel safe in order to learn, and this is our top priority.

Because of your commitment to ESPLOST, every student, teacher, and classroom has access to 21st-century technology. We haven’t replaced good teachers with devices, but we have provided one-to-one technology to enhance instruction and connect 21st-century learners with the tools that are necessary for them to thrive in today’s digital world.

I want to thank every employee in Catoosa County Public Schools for dedicating your life’s work to ensuring we achieve our value promise for Every Child, Every Day, Without Exception!

     - I have visited 18 schools and hundreds of classrooms. Our administrators, teachers, and employees take great pride in their schools. Our campuses are clean, our students are engaged, and our employees strive for excellence in the work they are doing to support students and the community. As I visited classrooms across the district, I found myself wanting to start over and go back to school as I witnessed firsthand the incredible energy and amazing opportunities students in Catoosa County Public Schools experience each and every day.

     - I love our support staff! Bus Drivers, Paraprofessionals, Custodians, Child Nutrition, Counselors, and Office Employees are an integral part of the team with teachers and administrators to make sure our school environments support student success. Every person in every school I’ve encountered is steadfastly devoted to meeting the needs of students to ensure that Catoosa’s children are successful.

I’ve shared my vision for Catoosa Connects, and I’d like to invite the community to visit and connect with the schools in our district. You’ll need to call ahead and make an appointment since we restrict school access for safety, but I am confident you will leave any school in the county, understanding my experience - WOW!!! Our value promise isn’t just words; The promise of Every Child, Every Day, Without Exception is lived out each day. It can be seen in action by simply stepping onto any campus throughout our district and observing the engagement in our classrooms, the commitment of our faculty and staff members, and most of all, the smiles of our children as they grow and learn in this incredible system.

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Vision Statement

Catoosa County Public Schools will prepare every child to reach their full potential, so they graduate prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

Mission Statement

Catoosa County Public Schools is a student-focused learning community, where excellence is expected from staff and students, every day, without exception.

Value Promise

Every child, every day, without exception.