Superintendent's Update


Mr. Nix

The Board of Education surveyed stakeholders to develop a new strategic plan in 2021. It was very clear from the survey responses that preparing students for life after high school was the highest priority. Stakeholders expect Catoosa County graduates to be College Ready, Career Ready, and Life Ready, so that is the district’s focus for the next five years.

On January 23, 2023, Heritage High School 9th graders participated in the Communities In Schools (CIS) RealityU simulation to learn financial literacy skills. Based on each student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) and answers to an online lifestyle survey, they are given an individualized scenario for their life as a 26-year-old. Each scenario includes the student’s monthly income, credit card debt, student loan information, as well as marital and family status. The students transfer this information into their student passport (checking account register) and make purchases at the twelve booths representing services and/or products that adults typically must purchase or consider each month.

Students have the opportunity to learn how their decisions impact their budget as they try to make it through a month without their check register falling below zero. Sometimes they must return a “purchase” and make a different decision. This event actively engages the students to help them understand the importance of education to their financial future.

RealityU was sponsored by the Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce, and they recruited business and community partners for the 12 stations. Volunteers reported that the students were very engaged, and they experienced some “Aha” moments when they saw how their decisions impacted their income and expenses. One young lady said, “When I go home, I’m going to thank my parents. I had no idea what all they do for our family.”

RealityU is coming to LFO High school on March 23rd and Ringgold High School on March 24th. If you have a 9th-grade student, I’d encourage you to discuss this opportunity with them before and after the simulation. A mother contacted Catoosa’s CIS Executive Director after her daughter received her monthly income. The daughter said, “Now I see how one bad grade can impact my GPA and my future income.”

I like that we are providing this opportunity for our 9th-grade students because they only have one semester reflected in their GPA. I hope this “Reality” simulation will help our students take high school grades seriously since they experienced how their choices can impact their future.

I’d like to thank Amy Jackson, President and CEO of the Catoosa Chamber of Commerce, and Penny Mahon, Catoosa CIS Executive Director and her staff for providing this opportunity for our students. I also appreciate that employees from CIS Georgia attended the event. If you would like to volunteer at LFO or RHS, please visit to sign up. I am grateful to be superintendent in a community that supports outstanding learning opportunities for our students.

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Vision Statement

Catoosa County Public Schools will prepare every child to reach their full potential, so they graduate prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

Mission Statement

Catoosa County Public Schools is a student-focused learning community, where excellence is expected from staff and students, every day, without exception.

Value Promise

Every child, every day, without exception.