Certification Renewal


Certificate Renewal for CCPS Employees

The state of Georgia mandates that professional education certificates be renewed every five years.  This includes Standard Professional, Performance-Based Professional, Advanced Professionals, Lead Professional and Life Certificates, Adjunct, Educational Interpreter, Non-Instructional Aide, Paraprofessional and Support Personnel.

The following is required for renewal:

  • Criminal Record Check / Fingerprinting

  • Complete MyPSC Personal Affirmation Questions (PAQS) in the Personal Affirmation link of of the educator's MyPSC account.

  • Must meet PLG/PLP requirements.  This is verified with your administration.

The certificate renewal must be requested electronically by CCPS.

The Human Resources Department will notify each certificated employee of the pending expiration of their certificate and requirement for renewal.  This typically begins in the later winter/early spring of the current school year.

For more information about certification renewal, please click the link here.

For other questions regarding certification renewal, please email Mary Lanham at [email protected]