New Assistant Principal Academy

New Assistant Principal Academy

Purpose: The purpose of the New Assistant Principal Academy is to support, develop and retain school leaders who will achieve the vision and mission of Catoosa County Public Schools. We recognize that principals provide the most effective day to day support and training for their assistants; but, due to time restraints, may not be able to do as much training as is needed.

Target Group: First and second year assistant principals

Time line: Participants will meet quarterly.

Curriculum: The Leadership Development Coordinator identifies specific responsibilities of the assistant principals and offers support and training in those areas. The following are examples of these responsibilities, but the curriculum will be tailored to meet the needs of the group each year.

Transforming School Culture
Building Professional Learning Communities
Overseeing the FTE Process
Maintaining Inventory
Conducting a Meeting (Parent, 504, IEP)
Working with a Guiding Coalition
Developing a Safety Plan
Managing a Budget
Developing School Improvement Plan
Establishing PBIS
Building a Schedule
Assessing Students
Evaluating Teachers/Staff
Understanding Ethics
Managing Time