Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE)

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Career development is a vital part of one's educational career and is a school-wide initiative. Individuals define and re-define career-related choices and outcomes in a life-long process. Labor trends indicate that many workers will change jobs an average of 7-10 times in their career, will work in teams, and will need more education and training to be competitive in their selected field. CTAE provides the tools, knowledge and resources that assist young people along to make these critical education and career-related decisions.

The implementation of career pathways is a national trend in Career, Technical and Agriculture Education and is an over-all education and career planning process involving ALL students. Choosing a career pathway during high school helps maximize opportunities for students to be better prepared for their next step in the education and career planning process-the workforce or postsecondary education.

The following career pathways are available in Catoosa County; check with your school counselor to see what is offered at your school.

Advanced Academics

Engineering Drafting & Design

Marketing & Management



Plant & Floriculture Systems

Agriscience Systems

Fine / Performing Arts


Audio Video Technology & Design

Food Animal Systems

Therapeutic Services - Allied Health & Medicine

Business & Technology

Forestry / Wildlife Systems

Therapeutic Services - Emergency Medical Responder


Graphic Communication

Therapeutic Services - Patient Care

Comparison Animal System

Graphic Design

Therapeutic Services - Public Health

Computer Science

Horticulture & Forest Science

Visual Arts

Culinary Arts

Horticulture & Animal Science

Web & digital Design

Early Childhood Care




Law Enforcement Services / Criminal Investigations

World Languages

For more information on CTAE or upcoming College & Career Academy, contact Director Mark Pierce at [email protected].

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