Lexile For Parents

Lexile for Parents 

What is the Lexile Framework?

The Lexile Framework is a scientific way to match readers with text using the same scale. Lexile measures connect learners of all ages with resources as the right level of challenge. Lexile measures provide a clear way to monitor progress toward college and career readiness. 

How do Lexile measures help your child? 

The Lexile Framework for Reading provides valuable information for you, your child, and your child's teachers and librarians. You child's Lexile measures:
  • Allow teachers to personalize learning for your child.
  • Help you, as a parent, easily find books that match your child's reading level.
  • Provide you with talking points to discuss your child's reading progress with their teacher. 

Lexile Framework for Parent and Students website

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Lexile Parent Guide - Spanish
Tools to Support Reading at Home

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