Online Learning Opportunities

Online Learning

Online learning provides an engaging and effective means of achieving mastery of course content and earning credits toward graduation. It also builds computer technology skills and enhances higher order thinking skills which are critical for success in today's digital age. Online learning requires the ability to work independently and the discipline to stay on track. While online learning lets students set their own schedule, students must still progress at a pace that enables them to meet assignment and test deadlines and complete coursework within the semester; therefore, online learning is not for everyone

Catoosa Online Academy - COA

The Catoosa Online Academy is CCPS’s online learning opportunities for students. COA students remain enrolled in their home schools and may participate in extracurricular activities. 

The elementary COA curriculum is a blending of an online curriculum and instructional resources. The secondary COA curriculum is delivered through an online learning platform, and teachers are available to support students during the school day.

To view information about COA, please visit:

To register for Catoosa Online Academy, please contact your school counselor, administrator, or Dr. Lisa Logan at [email protected].