Frequently Asked Questions

Is an email address available in order to ask for help? Yes, the district has set up the email address
[email protected]. Please send an email to that address if you have questions and we will be happy to help.

What is the schoolcast dashboard? The Dashboard is a private and secure web-page where you can add, update, and change your contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) any time you would like. You may also review all text messages sent using SchoolCast. Additional information on using the Dashboard to customize your contact information (such as prioritizing contact phone numbers) is available on-screen at the SchoolCast Dashboard at the web address

Where does the contact information on the dashboard come from? The dashboard information comes from the district's student information system. The uploaded information will be added to any information that is updated on the dashboard through a user login. Since student cell phone numbers are not in our student information system it is important to add these to the dashboard because many teams and clubs rely on the text message communication with students.

Does the order of the phone numbers listed make a difference on the dashboard? In addition to an accurate home phone number, the most important number you can provide us with is your cell phone number. Since most people have a cell phone with them throughout the day at home, work, or when they are simply out in their cars, the best and fastest way to reach you in the event of any emergency situation will be your cell phone. Therefore, we ask that you enter a cell number as the main, top priority number for us to reach you in the event of an emergency, closings, or other urgent event requiring your immediate attention.

Can a grandparent or other relatives receive texts even though they don't have a login? Yes, parents have the ability to add grandparent or other relatives cell phone numbers to Schoolcast. Parents may add the numbers and note in the field next to the number that the number belongs to a relative, friend or grandparent.

Is there an instruction page that can be printed for updating my children's dashboard? Yes, please click HERE in order to print a .pdf for updating your dashboard.